160ml Bamboo Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Starter kit 2 x 5ml EO
Harga: IDR 329.000
( ulasan)
160ml Bamboo Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic
Harga: IDR 289.000
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200F Essential Oil Nebulizer Baterai Tanpa Air Mobil Diffuser
Harga: IDR 499.000
( ulasan)
300ml Bulat Putih Essential Oil Diffuser
Harga: IDR 149.000
( ulasan)
300ml Wood Grain Diffuser
Harga: IDR 219.000
( ulasan)
300ml Wood Grain Diffuser Starter Kit 2 x Bonus 5ml Essential Oil
Harga: IDR 259.000
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400F Essential Oil Nebulizer Tanpa Air Kantor Hotel Spa Diffuser
Harga: IDR 649.000
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400ml Barrel Diffuser Starter Kit 2 x 5ml Essential Oil
Harga: IDR 229.000
( ulasan)
400ml Barrel Essential Oil Diffuser
Harga: IDR 279.000
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400ml Vase Diffuser Starter Kit 2 x 5ml Essential Oil
Harga: IDR 274.000
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400ml Wood grain vase diffuser
Harga: IDR 224.000
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Looking for an essential oil diffuser to scent your home? Check our reviews of 18 best oil diffusers and their advantages.

Are you looking for an essential oil diffuser to make your home smell good?

Then, you’ll probably like what we’re about to show you. But, before that, you might need to know what diffuser means. An essential oil diffuser is a device that helps you turn your essential oil into aromatherapy. That is because both the scent and chemical of essential oil could be irritating if you use it directly. So, you need a diffuser to disperse the oil into the air and let you enjoy the scent safely.

Darjeeling Recommendation The best 18 Essential Oil Diffusers

In this article, we did tons of work to present these best 18 essential oil diffusers to help you scent your home.

Check it out.

1. 400F Essential Oil Nebulizer Spa Diffuser

With a capacity of up to 200ml, it’s the best diffuser to use in a hotel, office, and large room or home. Because it can cover quite a large area, about 300-500 m2.

And, this oil diffuser only emits less than 25dB of noise. So, it will be perfect in a room with a crowd of people.

What you would love is you could program this diffuser to operate only at certain times. The program could be adjusted based on weeks, hours, even minutes. Therefore, this feature lets you consume your essential oil effectively.

With an average speed of oil consumption of about 1.1 ml/hour, it will use all 200 ml in 8-10 days if working continuously.

2. TM-200F Essential Oil Nebulizer Portable Diffuser

This diffuser’s capacity is up to 120 ml for each filling. And, for each filling, it can last for 8.000 - 10.000 sprays. It sprays in 5-second intervals. And, you could adjust it to stop between 1 - 60 minutes. The power of this diffuser comes from 4 AA batteries. So, basically, it’s a portable essential oil diffuser.

You can place it on the floor, table, or wall, in a hotel lobby, spa, office, or home. With the size of only W81*D61.5*H174 mm, it definitely matches anywhere you put it in. Although it is rather small, it actually could cover up to 50 - 200 m2 area.

3. Aroma Go Nebulizer

This is the best diffuser you could have if you prefer the portability feature. Aroma Go Nebulizer comes in white and tubular with size only 68*108 mm and 10 ml capacity for each filling. With a small size, you can bring this oil diffuser anywhere from home, car, and office without the need to change it.

The best part is it already has an 18.650 mAH lithium battery which could last for 80 hours. And, you could recharge the battery as you recharge your smartphone battery. So, no need to buy any battery.

For personal settings, you could adjust the intensity for 3 types: high, medium, and low intensity.

Intensity Diffuse every Rest for

High 60 s 120 s

Medium 30 s 150 s

Low 15 s 165 s

4. TC Humidifier Oil Diffuser 500 ml

If you're looking for a diffuser with high functionality and modern design, then this is your best choice. TC Humidifier Oil diffuser 500 ml needs water to use. But, it doesn't use heat or other chemical agents. Instead, this diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to disperse the mist into the air.

As a result, it could disperse about 50-70 ml solution in an hour. The best part of this oil diffuser is its design. It comes in a modern shape with 7 colors of LED. So, although it's not portable because of using an electric socket. Still, it suits any place you want to put it in.

This essential oil diffuser also comes with a remote. So, you could operate it from a distance.

5. Bizond Premium Diamond Essential Oil Diffuser

This is another essential oil diffuser with a modern and futuristic design. Check its diamond shape that clearly attracts all the attention. This modern style will suit perfectly in your office or in a minimalist type home. The 7 colors of LED that it emits also give an aura of modern touch.

And, just like the previous modern design diffuser, it also has time output settings. Just feel free to adjust the way it suits your taste.

6. Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Asakuki is the best oil diffuser that combines modern and ethnic design perfectly. It just looks like a crystal jade that melts in the ancient wood. So fantastic. Moreover, it already has modern technology using ultrasonic waves to disperse the oil into the air.

Besides, it also has 4 types of time-output and 7 colors of LED that make it more amazing. The best part of it is the Asakuki diffuser has a maximum capacity of up to 700 ml. With this, it could cover entire 200 feet squares.

So that makes it should be the largest area an oil diffuser in this list could cover.

7. Wood Grain Diffuser 300 ml Humidifier

If you're looking for a diffuser with a unique design, then you should not miss this one. Taking a plum shape with a wood texture, this diffuser is actually a modern device. It uses 2.4MHz ultrasonic waves just like the previous diffuser.

Therefore, these ultrasonic waves allow you to get the natural and best therapeutic effect of essential oils. Moreover, it also comes in 7 colors of LED and has 3 types of consumption speed.

This unique one has 300 ml capacity and average oil consumption of about 33 ml/hour. So, for each filling, it could last up to 10 hours continuously.

8. Wood Grain Vase Diffuser 400 ml Humidifier

This diffuser is another unique type of essential oil diffuser. Just like the previous one, it has a wood grain texture, but with a darker color. It uses ultrasonic waves either. And, the capacity is quite big, up to 400 ml. With the oil consumption speed around 30-60 ml/hour, it could last up to 8 hours for each filling.

Then, when there isn't any water left, it will shut down automatically.

The most unique part certainly is its onion-like shape. In addition, it also comes with 7 colors of LED and a remote to control from quite a distance.

9. Wood Grain Barrel Diffuser 400 ml Humidifier

This new model of oil diffuser is quite eye-catching with a barrel shape and 7 colors of LED. Even, the combination between its shape and color makes it look like a classic fireplace on fire. Besides, the 400 ml maximum capacity is quite big to let it last for around 8 hours. This oil diffuser also uses ultrasonic waves technology.

So, it's guaranteed that you'll get the best effect from your aromatherapy.And, for personal adjustment, it comes with 4 time-output settings: 1, 3, 6 hours, and always on.

10. Flat Wood Grain Oil Diffuser 300 ml Humidifier

This essential oil diffuser would be lovely for people who like ethnic culture. Using wood grain texture, it comes in a flat barrel shape with two types of texture. The first one has a central output for essential oil mist. And, the other has 4 parallel outputs with a smaller size.

Although the maximum capacity is only at 300 ml, the maximum usage can last for 10 hours. It actually is quite thrifty. Besides, just like other wood grain humidifier diffusers, this flat diffuser also uses ultrasonic waves.

So, the aromatherapy effect you can get from your essential oils will be great.

11. USB Wood Grain Diffuser 130 ml Humidifier

If you're looking for a personal diffuser, this USB wood grain type is the right choice. Not only it's lite, but also energy saving. The power comes from a USB socket which gives 5V voltage and 500mA current. With a capacity up to 130 ml, it could last for 3-4 hours.

So, that makes it a best friend for you to work, study, and even sleep. With size only 95*100 mm, it has 4 in 1 function, including:

1. air purifier,

2. humidifier,

3. aromatherapy, and

4. night light.

Clearly, those are benefits that go beyond iya price.

12. Aroma Outfitters Galaxy 3D Glass Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser offers the best way to refresh your body along with entertaining your visuals. Not only it has a large tank that could last for 8 hours, but also it emits incredible light.

This light show and fresh scent will undoubtedly mesmerize your mind. Besides, it has all featured you could find from a modern design oil diffuser, including:

1. time output settings,

2. ultrasonic waves technology, and

3. amazing LED colors display.

13. Homedics Ellia Diffuser

Although its design is quite usual, you'll definitely be amazed by its features. If the previous diffusers touch your mind and eyes at the same time, then this one will entertain your ears.

While enjoying the fresh scent from essentials oil, you could also listen to a relaxing instrumental with this device. Combine it with a soft light that it emits. In the end, it is a perfect diffuser to accompany your bathing or sleeping time.

14. Spa Room Pure Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you like to spend your time in a spa, then this diffuser Will be the perfect match for you. Not only does it emit a soft and relaxing light show, but it also gives you 3 hours of mist continuously. You'll certainly feel satisfied just for looking at this light show.

Moreover, it has an automatic shut down feature, in case you fall asleep from iya effect.

15. Car USB Oil Diffuser 250 ml Humidifier

This essential oil diffuser is clearly built specifically to be put on a car. It has a cup shape and 250 ml capacity, which fits perfectly in a cup handle in your car. Besides, it only needs 0.3 watt energy and emits less than 5 dB of noise.

Therefore, it'll be perfect to use it on a car which has 2*2 m2 wide. With size as small as a cup, it's commendable for having up to 4 functions, including:

1. air purifier,

2. humidifier,

3. reducing the temperature, and

4. eliminating fatigue.

Besides it's super quiet operation, it also has a multi-compatibility feature for its charger. You could choose one of these types of charger to recharge the battery.

1. USB cable (device source)

2. AC 220V to 5V (home electric)

3. DC 12-24V to 5V (car power converter).

16. Car Clip Oil Diffuser for Air Freshener

Built from metallic alloy, this car clip oil diffuser will look great on your car. It doesn't need any electricity or chemical agent. All you need to do is dripping 3-5 drops of essential oils to the cotton inside. Then, hang it on the way out of your car's air conditioner.

This way, whenever your air conditioner blows up some air, the fresh scent of aromatherapy will spread inside your car. The fresh air approximately could last for 5 hours or less. So, whenever you feel the scent is gone, you just need to add more drops of essential oils.

17. Liontin Essential Oil Diffuser

This is the best portable oil diffuser for personal use. It comes in a liontin shape which looks gorgeous on your neck. The size is only 3 cm and it has a beautiful carving on it, from snowflakes, leaves, and flowers. So, it will definitely be perfect for ladies, especially.

How to use it? Just like using a car clip diffuser before.

Put on 3-5 drops of essential oils and feel the freshness for the rest of the day. This way, not only you'll look beautiful, but also you get healthy all day.

18. Lotus Incense Burner

As a burner, it works well with solid aromatherapy sources such as incense. If you have that kind of aromatherapy, then this diffuser is perfect for you. The best part of course comes from its glowing gold. It emits the aura of luxury in your home. So, everyone that sees it will definitely admire you.

Its size is only 7*7*7 cm. Which makes it very easy to move it anywhere you see it fits.

Those are the 18 best essential oil diffusers that will fulfill any needs of yours. Which one do you prefer, modern or ethnic design? Just type your Darjeeling diffuser’s choice in the comment section.