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Essential oils have many benefits for humankind. People usually distill the oils from a particular part of a plant, such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or even fruit.

But do you know how to make essential oil?

Pure essential oil is obtained by distillation through water vapor distillation. Then there will be a process of CO2 extraction and also cold pressing. This process usually does not involve heating.

The extraction results usually have become a form of essential oil that is then combined with safe chemicals. The chemical mixture must be according to the dosage of experts. Furthermore, this essential oil becomes a natural oil that is concentrated with a distinctive plant's aroma and characteristics.

How to use essential oils is also reasonably straightforward. If you are interested in trying to experience the benefits of essential oils, you need to have a diffuser and essential oils. By having an essential oil diffuser, you need to prepare water with the measurement of the tool itself. If your diffuser is 100 ml, you can simply drop 3 to 4 drops of essential oil into a diffuser filled with water.

Then you just have to wait and feel the soothing aroma of essential oil.

However, you can usually get the benefits of essential oils directly without a diffuser. All you have to do is open the essential oil bottle, then inhale the aroma immediately. That way, you can feel the aroma of the oil directly. Apart from being inhaled, you can also apply essential oils to specific body parts such as the neck, hands, and so on.

You can adjust various essential oils to your needs. Since all of them have different benefits, please make sure you learn about essential oils' function.

Essential oils are quite popular because people can use them for all kinds of purposes.

The Most Popular Variants As Well As The Function Of The Essential Oils Among The Users

So how many variants of essential oils are there? The answer is a lot.


1. Geranium Essential Oil

Are you familiar with this flower? Yup, geraniums are also flowers that are used as an essential oil. Its delicious and soothing aroma is the target of its users. Besides, the uses of geranium essential oil are also very diverse. You can even use them for skin health and beauty.

For health, a geranium essential oil can help you promote relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the better your mood will be. Coupled with this geranium essential oil, it has a warm and soothing aroma.

For beauty, this geranium essential oil can help control excess oil in your facial area.

If the excess oil is gone, your facial skin can avoid even the most severe acne.

2. Rose Essential Oil

When talking about Rose, it seems that almost all the people around the world know that roses have many benefits. If used as an essential oil, the benefits of this flower are more diverse. Aside from its refreshing and comforting aroma, you can also get a series of benefits from the usage of rose essential oils, including:

For health, rose essential oil helps relieve stress when you experience daily life problems, work, friendship, or even financial tension. Try using rose essential oil with a diffuser or use it directly, and you will feel the benefits of relieving stress.

For beauty, there is no need to doubt rose essential oil. Even before it was used as an essential oil, roses themselves were widely used as an ingredient for beauty products. Rose essential oils can lighten uneven skin tone and remove stubborn acne scars.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender flowers are popular among many cultures. People have such a long history of exploiting the natural benefits of the purple flower. So, what are the benefits and uses of this lavender flower variant essential oil?

For health, the lavender essential oil has many benefits, including relaxation and stress relief. Inhaling these essential oils would allow you to control your anger. Typically, users will inhale the aroma of lavender essential oil to calm their mood instantly.

For beauty, people believe that lavender can get rid of postpartum stretch marks. No wonder young mothers most favor this variant.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass is also one of the most sought-after essential oils. Lemongrass itself is made from lemongrass extract, which people use for a long time. There is no need to worry about its properties; you can feel the benefits of lemongrass right after its application.

There are lots of skincare that contain lemon-based ingredients. So how is the use of this essential oil?For health, lemongrass essential oil benefits are very interesting because they can relieve migraine headaches and help with digestive problems.

Wow, if the benefits can be this great, I do not think it is a loss to buy Lemongrass essential oil. Do not forget to get the best price for essential oils only on Darjeeling!

For beauty, this essential oil can lighten dull skin tones due to sun exposure as well as restore skin elasticity.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

The sandalwood flower is the classiest flower among the others because the sandalwood tree's age can reach hundreds of millions of years. All parts of the tree give a lot of benefits for humankind throughout the history of health and beauty care. Here are the functions and uses of sandalwood essential oil:

For health, sandalwood essential oil is sought after by housewives. They usually use them in the room of their little one to help with their learning ability. This is due to the fact that sandalwood essential oils can calm nerves and increase focus.

Therefore, sandalwood is suitable for kids who are still exploring themselves in school or their environment in their early years.

For beauty, sandalwood essential oil can repair damaged skin cells. If you use it regularly, sandalwood essential oil can give you tremendous benefits by removing dead skin cells and making your skin smoother.

6. Cananga/Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang flower is also a very familiar flower for Indonesian people. If used as an essential oil, Cananga flowers can provide benefits and uses that we rarely realize. Ylang essential oil is also much sought after because of its multi-purpose. Let's take a peek at the benefits and uses of Cananga essential oil.

For health, the benefits of ylang essential oil include treating headaches, dizziness, and nausea. This is very comforting if you want to take a trip somewhere far away.

Meanwhile, in terms of beauty, this essential oil's benefits and uses are no less important because they can moisturize dry skin and make your skin more elastic.

7. Green Tea Essential Oil

You can use green tea for food and beverage ingredients, but it is also a primary ingredient for skin health and beauty. For essential oils, Darjeeling picks the best green tea branches to make high-quality essential oil. Here are the benefits and uses of Darjeeling's green tea essential oils:

For health, green tea essential oil can boost the immune system and help fight infections and bacteria. For beauty, green tea has been widely used as a primary ingredient for beauty products. The oils can relieve the skin's inflammation from severe acne and provide antibacterial to fight the bacteria that cause acne.

8. Moringa Essential Oil

This essential oil is made from the seeds of the moringa tree. The moringa tree itself has many benefits for health and beauty.

For health, moringa essential oil can soothe your mind and help you sleep better. Say goodbye to restlessness and insomnia from an anxious mind. Moringa has the ability to calm the mind and overcome sleep disorders. For beauty, moringa essential oil can make your skin smoother and cleaner.

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