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A drop of aromatherapy oil, help overcome various health problems

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What is Aromatherapy Oil?

aromatherapy oil is a natural oil distilled from herbs to improve your body's health Physically and psychologically.

There are various kinds of medicinal, roots, fruit and flowers that are normally extracted into essential oils.

According to a number of leading health research, various types of aromatherapy oil are proven to have a effect That is significant in improving a person's physical and mental health condition.

aromatherapy oil has been used by our ancestors since more than 6000 years ago. This natural oil has its own history in various cultures in the world. Most are natural drugs that can function as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, even effects Anti-pain.

Benefits of Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil

For those of you who suffer from insomnia, Aromatherapy Oil can instantly improve Quality of your sleep. However, not only the benefits you get.

1. Darjeeling Aromatherapy for Insta-relaxation

For those of you who have difficulty sleeping or having a problem of relaxation, Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil is a mainstay ammunition.

You can choose Chamomile and Lavender Aromatherapy Oil for Providing peace in the midst of a prolonged anxiety and stress.

The aroma of lavender essential oil has a relaxation effect that can improve the quality of your sleep and make you feel more calm. In addition, Aromatherapy Lavender is able to control the sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the stress response Fight or Flight

oil this type can reduce the symptoms of panic attack like Sweat hand or heart beat fast.

Good for pregnant women, the aroma of Chamomile and Lavender also have the ability to reluctant hormone fluctuations that cause tension and early contractions.

2. Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil Effective Overcome Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory disorders often cause you to sleep hard. Not only in adults, the baby who is cold usually becomes fussy until the parents panic.

Aromatherapy Oil from Darjeeling is able to overcome this easily. Just by turning on the diffuser or mixing a drop of tea tree with warm water, your child's respiratory disorders can be overthrough Because this natural oil has excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial skills.

3. Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil relieves pain and headaches

besides bro Gguan breathing, pain and headaches are often causing and due to difficulty sleeping. Don't worry Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil can also overcome this problem!

You can choose Rosemary Aromatherapy and Spearmint to relieve migraines. Meanwhile, orange oil has a function of reducing pain in the joints.

4. Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil reduces nausea and digestive disorders

Pregnant women must be commonly experiencing nausea and vomiting during containing. You can keep this condition just by using Darjeeling Oil Aroma Lemon and Mint.

Not only for pregnant women, the aroma of the oil is effective in dealing with stomach acid and abdominal cramps. It is very suitable for those of you who are trying to fight Gerd and often experience pre-menstrual pain syndrom.

Essential Oil Darjeeling function

Our ancestors believe that essential oil is a natural remedy for many health problems Tan. This hereditary virtuous virtue provides its own inspiration for Darjeeling to develop high-quality aromatherapy oil. The function includes:

- Improving sleep quality

- stimulates body relaxation

- restore the mood instantly

- relieve pain and migraine

- Reducing respiratory problems

- launch the digestive tract

how to use aromatherapy oil diffuser

A drop of aromatherapy oil alone can provide maximum results if you use with a diffuser. This modern tool is capable of rapidly spreading aromatherapy throughout the room. These are the steps for use:

  1. to maximize the range, place the diffuser in the middle of your room.
  2. lift the lid and pour water with a room at a room.
  3. Add 1 Drop Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil into the Water.
  4. Turn on the Diffuser and Feel the Benefits.

    One Drop Aromathera Py Darjeeling is able to provide maximum good for your body. So, don't hesitate anymore!

    darjeeling, specialist aromatherapy oil

    Darjeeling is the most complete aromatherapy specialist located in Bandung, Indonesia. We offer pure essential oils that are disalled directly from the source and are sold at the lowest prices in Indonesia.

    Our dream is to offer an essential oil therapeutic at affordable prices for everyone and circles.

    When we started a business in 2017, we strive to build personal relationships with all farmers who planted and produce our products.

    Find faces, gardens and stories behind each of our products through page Origins on the website We.

    We have a variety of products that we can offer, starting from the world's best quality lavender from France, Bulgarian Rose Water to Lemon Essential Oil from Italy.

    Basic material Dar We get this Darjeeling product from a total of 18 different countries, which are spread across four different continents.

    We test each batch Essential and Carrier Oil, and provide GC and COA analysis complete on our website.

    GC Testing MS is an international standard for essential oil testing because this test provides a full profile of essential oil content.

    Test GCMS is very important to ensure that all of our products are 100% pure and to maintain consistent quality.

    We are proud to offer the largest online collection of DIY cosmetic recipes in Indonesia for free on the website We.

    We believe that aromatherapy and good products, clean and natural should be enjoyed by everyone.

    The future of aromatherapy is directly and closely with sustainability or sustainability of plants which is used as raw material for making essential oils and other natural products.

    Therefore, we only Working with farmers who can guarantee that they give more to the earth than what they take.

    We are proud to be able to ensure, our products are planted and harvested with minimal impact on the environment.

    Why choose Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil?

    Different from other aromatherapy Oil products, Darjeeling has a commitment to sell essential oils at low prices Of course! We believe that you do not need to spend millions just to live healthier.

    Select Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil to get:

    • natural oil with high quality and the lowest price in Indonesia
    • aromatherapy oil originating from the world's best ingredients
    • products that are 100% cruelty free and environmentally friendly
    • Darjeeling Oil also supports sustainability farming and gives fair prices for farmers

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      "Thank you Darjeeling Store, Aromatherapy Lavender oil until quickly and can be tried immediately, Dong! I really like the quality of the oil! I can bobok pules without any disturbance. Wake up early in the morning! Prices are also affordable and friendly in the bag. Seriously will repurchase directly if it has been abis "

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      - longing, 38 years, Yogyakarta

      " My child is often short of breath because asthma. So he's hard to sleep and really fussy. But, since buying Darjeeling Aromatherapy Oil whose white wood, his nose is easily relieved even though asthma symptoms relapse. Luckily at home already has its own diffuser, so it doesn't bother mixing Oil with hot water again. Darjeeling is really effective "

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      one drop of darjeeling aromatherapy can overcome all your health problems! Want to be healthy like them?

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