Origins ...

We visit each and every one of our suppliers before we order a drop of oil from them to personally guarantee the quality and authenticity of each and every oil we sell. This is the story of the farmers, distillers, harvesters, experts and the environment behind all of our oils.

Fair Pricing

We are committed to helping the farmers, harvesters and distillers who produce all our oils. To give them a fair and fixed price on an annual basis. By working directly with farmers, harvesters and distillers who directly produce the oils, we can ensure that they receive a fair price without any intermediaries or exporters taking a cut of the money.

Many of our essential oils and incense resins are sourced from developing countries where they are often the only source of local income. Darjeeling Aroma encourages our farmers and harvesters to form cooperative groups to increase their bargaining power and to share skills and knowledge with each other.


We are committed to sustainability and helping to protect and preserve the environment. The future of essential oils, carrier oils, and incense resins depends directly on the sustainable management and conservation of the resources that make them today.

We make sure Frankincense harvesters in Somalia only harvest a small amount of resin from each tree to ensure the long term survival of the trees. In India we make sure at least 10 new Sandalwood trees are planted for every tree cut. We encourage all of our farmers to hold workshops to share knowledge of sustainable farming practices such as water conservation, water harvesting, natural pest management and much more. Sustainability is at the heart of all that we do.