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Our team of expert aromatherapists, perfumers and scientists are constantly working to create new and innovative products while maintaining the purity and quality of existing ones.

We have a database of samples from more than 75 different suppliers from more than 40 different countries and we are constantly searching for new suppliers and new product ideas.

Darjeeling Aroma is built on a strong scientific foundation combined with a rich heritage and tradition. We have our own in-house laboratory as well as a global network of local laboratories in 5 different countries that we use to test each and every batch of essential oil, carrier oil and attar.

We are proud to partner with farmers, distillers and perfumers who are fourth and fifth generation experts. We believe that tradition and experience help produce the best skilled craftsmen.

Our global team of scientists, aromatherapists and fragrances are constantly testing new blends and combinations every day for new and innovative products and to come up with new and innovative ways to test essential oils.