Our story

Our journey began back in 2017 with an unexpected invitation to stay at the palace of a princess in Rajasthan, India. She offered to show us the world of traditional perfumery as given to the old kings and queens from generation to generation in India. The first time we smelt real Rose oil it was like a magical experience and an overload of happiness for the nose.

From this chance encounter our dream was born - To offer the highest quality essential oils at affordable prices to people looking for natural products.

We started off by bringing back 100ml of 10 different essential oils and 10 different traditional attars. Right from the start we had a key focus on transparency and quality control by making sure we know all of our suppliers in person and by making sure all our products have a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet. Our first staff member we hired was our first qualified aromatherapist to ensure we were offering the best and most reliable advice that we could to all our customers.


In 2018 we added more than 10 new suppliers from 7 different countries to our list of suppliers. We also teamed up with a new independent third party laboratory to offer a full GC Analysis of all our essential oils and a full FAME analysis of all our carrier oils.

By 2019 we had our own team of qualified aromatherapists and our network of suppliers spanned the entire globe and our products were coming from more than 18 different countries on 4 different continents.

In 2020 we introduced our ORIGINS program to ensure all our products are sourced sustainably and all the farmers and distillers that make our wonderful oils all get a fair price.

We also launched the Darjeeling Aroma website with one of Indonesias largest collections of free DIY aromatherapy recipes.

We continue to keep searching for the newest and most innovative aromatherapy products from around the world to keep bringing you new, exciting and therapeutically beneficial oils, whilst expanding our library of education, videos and sharing as much as we can about the wonderful world of Aromatherapy.